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The Kra¶nik brick is extremely durable...
Loess is a Quaternary deposit of clay, common for most of the Lubelska Upland and Roztocze. It constitutes 6% of the general consumption of ceramic material in Poland. It contains a lot of silica and a relatively little amount of flux. Loess gives products different shades red colour. Bricks produced from Kra¶nik loess can be used in all types of buildings, for housing, for industrial buildings, as well as for special buildings. The Kra¶nik brick is thought to be extremely durable and is characterised by high fire resistance. It is resistant to frost and beneficial for all living beings because of its ability to create a specific microclimate and its universal range of use.

Dr. Bohdan Pieńkowski - expert on production technology of building ceramics materials

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